GT Blog // 8.16.17


We’ve been having fun with this one.

Pachamama said there’d be days like this.

Pachamama told me not to come.

Pachamama said knock you out.

You get the idea. But what is Pachamama, anyway? It’s Quechua for “Mother Earth,” a term used by the ancient Incas to denote the deep reverence they felt toward the Earth and nature.

It’s also the new sustainable tourism platform we developed for PROMPERU, the national tourism office of Peru. You can learn all about Pachamama on a new website we developed for PROMPERU, Your Perfect Peru.

Sustainability/Pachamama is just one of four content buckets on Your Perfect Peru, the others being Adventure, Culture and Gastronomy. We developed all the content on the site, as well as the strategy behind it.

Please, poke around. Let Your Perfect Peru entice you to visit this spectacular country. And when you’re ready to go, there are plenty of great offers for discounted travel on the site, as well.

See you there.

Photo by OGPhoto from Prom Peru