An Island Rebranded


Dominica is a Caribbean island with no white sand beaches, no luxury resorts, no casinos and no nightlife. And it’s hard to get to. What Dominica does have is a UNESCO World Heritage Site rainforest, a mountainous national park that encompasses about one third of the island, the world’s second largest sulfurous lake and the last indigenous Carib population in the world.


There’s a substantial number of experiential, adventure-oriented travelers who have a great disdain for the all-inclusive luxury Caribbean. However, they would pine for the purity Dominica has to offer. If we could connect with them in an honest and transparent manner, they would come.


We advised the island’s tourism officials not to think of Dominica as an island in the Caribbean, but as a Nature Island that just happens to be in the Caribbean. We rebranded the country with a new logo, tag line, positioning and brand message that turned the island’s perceived weaknesses into strengths.

+17% in North American tourism.