Environmental Defense


In 2003, 75% of Americans were concerned about global warming, but didn’t know how it originated or how they could help. Environmental Defense sought an action-oriented campaign that would break through the information overload and focus on solutions versus problems, the objectives being: get online signatures in support of climate change legislation; provide actionable steps to help people reduce their carbon footprint; raise funds for ongoing communications.


Tasked with reaching a wide and varied audience (Awakening Consumers, soccer moms, outdoor enthusiasts, college students, new parents, the press) and therefore needing a simple, human message, Green Team tapped into a critical strategic insight: global warming was caused by humans; therefore, global warming can be fixed by humans. This “aha” moment led to the development of a creative concept that was powerful, optimistic and memorable: Undo It


We developed a fun, attention-getting campaign with a message that was inherently optimistic; we can undo global warming. The campaign featured a simple call to action, visit the campaign website, Once there, users could sign a petition in support of climate legislation, learn what causes global warming and what they could do about it and donate money to support the campaign.

+ 675,000 online petition signatures
+ $950,000 via website donations