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Johnson & Johnson wanted to know if sustainability could motivate retail sales of its consumer products in Latin America.


Consumers want companies to do the right thing, and are happy to participate, but they are skeptical that anything actually gets done. 78% of global consumers like to buy from brands that make donations to worthy causes*. Yet many simply don’t believe sustainability claims.


Green Team created “60 DIAS, Caring In Action — 1 Great Chance To See What We Can Do Together,” a retail sales promotion that could be adapted by every local market in Latin America. Product sales activated donations to a specific socially beneficial cause (one per country). But most important, consumers could go online to actually track results and see the projects evolve. The campaign was implemented in Colombia for 45 days in 2012, with the results below.

$11.4 million in sales
+17% sales growth
500 children clothed