Pret A Manger


Pret A Manger, the sandwich store that’s a London staple, decided to come to New York, a city that takes its sandwiches seriously. We had to get New Yorkers—busy, demanding creatures of habit--to rethink their sandwiches. To shift the mindset--away from a big brick of mystery meat, sliced thin and piled high--to a meticulously prepared sandwich with high-quality ingredients that sits in a little white box.


With e-coli outbreaks, GMOs, pink slime and food miles growing in the public consciousness, more and more consumers are reading labels and evaluating ingredients. 77% of Awakening Consumers want to understand more about the food they eat.


We focused our messaging on telling Pret’s impressive ingredient stories. We developed the positioning, “Unnaturally obsessed with natural ingredients,” and the tag line, “Fresh Thinking.”

Pret continues to expand its menu offerings of natural, organic and local ingredients.