Making A Legend Accessible


A Green Team client of 20 years, The Principality of Monaco is our oldest client. For centuries, Monaco attracted the crème de la crème of society from all over the world to indulge in its luxury, glamour & sophistication. By and large, this also meant an older clientele. Without any desire whatsoever to detract from this distinctive, extremely positive & exclusive image, the need was felt to expand its appeal to a younger world traveler.


Research shows that most European travelers - both leisure and business - perceive Monaco as intriguing and legendary, but somewhat out of date and out of reach.


Green Team created a campaign that capitalized on consumer emotions through the use of vintage-style poster art & typography. It also featured contemporary subjects such as the Monte Carlo Grand Hotel and the Grimaldi Forum, thus making it more relevant & accessible to a new generation of travelers.

Winner, Atlas Award for Best Destination Brand from the ATME (Association of Travel Marketing Executives)