Debit, Debit


Like every US retailer, Staples gets hammered with credit card fees. Debit card fees are much less, so Staples and long-time NGO partner Rainforest Alliance came up with the idea that for every time a consumer used a debit card to pay, Staples would make a donation to Rainforest Alliance.


Because 83% of consumers (worldwide) say companies should be working to improve the environment, but only 22% are willing to pay more for an eco-friendly product, we know that any program that allows consumers to support a green initiative, but not have to pay a premium to do so will have a good chance of success.


Green Team developed a light-hearted and engaging in-store and online campaign that encouraged Staples consumers to use their debit cards and thus support Rainforest Alliance, “Debit. Debit.”

Staples saved a significant amount in fees, and Rainforest Alliance received a robust donation.